Frazer Fearnhead – Founder and CEO

Frazer started his career as a lawyer in the music industry, where he worked for six years, before concluding that the law was not for him.

He has been investing in property since 1994 and, since 2003, has helped other people invest over £110,000,000 in property. He sold his previous property investment consultancy Armchair Property Investor in 2007 for over £2M.

Frazer is dismayed that, despite all the press coverage, millions of people have not yet started to make provision for their retirement. He passionately believes in helping those people that want to do something to build their wealth and prepare for their future.

The purpose of The House Crowd is to enable them to do so as quickly and safely as possible with the optimum ratio of risk and reward.

In keeping with that ethos, following the financial crisis in 2008, where he saw banks unfairly seize assets from property investors, developers and many other businesses, he was motivated to create a business model that enabled people to build their wealth in property without using the banks and without having to save deposits and take out mortgages.

After a great deal of research, planning and unique legal structuring he launched The House Crowd in March 2012. It was, at the time, the first property crowdfunding company in the world. Property crowdfunding is now a multi-billion-pound global industry.

A well as being the founding director of The House Crowd, he has written a number one best-selling book “The Alternative Guide To Property Investment” (available on Amazon) and has written numerous articles about property investment and property crowdfunding for the Investors Chronicle, City AM, RightMove, What House, Residential Property Investor, and other leading publications.