Code of Conduct

  1. Investment monies are always held in segregated client accounts and are protected by the FSCS up to £85,000 until the loan is made or the relevant property is purchased after which you are protected by the security in the asset.
  2. Rental income, interest and profits in respect of any of our listed investments are always kept in separate client accounts and never used for the purposes of The House Crowd business. Should The House Crowd go into liquidation, these monies would remain ring-fenced.
  3. We provide transparency at all times. Investors can access information on their investments; including legal documents and annual accounts. Should The House Crowd, or associated directors have a financial interest in any transaction, or potential conflict of interest it will be declared.
  4. We have processes in place to ensure that our investors' personal information is kept safe and secure. In the event that The House Crowd ceases to operate any information will only be accessible for proper purposes.
  5. In the event that The House Crowd ceases to trade there are contingency plans in place (with Thistle Initiatives - another FCA regulated firm) so that the SPVs and loans can be managed, returns continue to be paid and the properties sold at the relevant time and proceeds returned to investors.
  6. Our terms and conditions are clearly written and explain exactly how the investment process works, what our duties and responsibilities are, what due diligence has been undertaken, and any applicable fees.
  7. We work with competent, professional people and implement proper processes to run our business effectively.
  8. We ensure that our IT systems and business processes are secure, reliable and proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of our business and are sufficiently robust to facilitate compliance with applicable law, regulations and this Code of Conduct. We have been awarded the government’s Cyber Security Certificate.
  9. We adhere to the regulations and any applicable laws relating to our sales and marketing activity, ensuring that risks and potential returns are presented in a reasonable and balanced way.
  10. If investors are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we will deal with their complaints promptly and fairly.