LHA Tenants Struggling to Find Property

LHA Tenants Struggling to Find Property

LHA tenants on housing benefit are showing increasing signs of frustration as it becomes harder for them to find private landlords who will accept them.

Online searches for rental homes where LHA tenants are accepted have increased 400% across London and the Home Counties since April.

Aki Ellahi of Dssmove says that his site has 15,000 people currently searching for accommodation in London, followed by Leeds and Manchester, each with 1,000 people searching.

Aki, who founded the site in 2012, said:

The sharp rise in London searches is partly due to the new £500 weekly benefit cap that came into effect on July 15, which is making it impossible for tenants to rent in certain parts of London. Demand is outstripping supply.

There are over five million people currently claiming housing benefit in the UK. The House Crowd specialises in buying investment property to let to LHA tenants. We believe we are helping those who most need it to find a decent property to live in, whilst for our property investor partners we focus on a steadily growing market.

Supply is diminishing as many landlords retreat from the market and demand is also increasing. Thus we are able to obtain an excellent rental income and let all our properties quickly.

The UK’s continuing dire housing shortage is a situation that we at The House Crowd are keen to help with. Whether it is through helping those on housing benefit get a much-needed home, or providing generally more affordable homes throughout the Greater Manchester area, we are always eager to do our bit.

After all, helping with the UK’s housing market is a key aspect of what we do. We help find homes for the increasing number of tenants in rental accommodation and bring much-needed homes onto the purchase market.

But we also help a wide range of people from all walks of life with an opportunity to invest in property. Whereas in the past, only those with access to large amounts of funding have been able to invest in the property market, the property crowdfunding model opens the doors to many more, democratising the market in a time when so many feel priced out.

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Stepping Up To The Plate: Letting to Local Housing Association Tenants

The House Crowd steps up as many landlords step back from Local Housing Allowance tenancies.

More than half of landlords can no longer afford to rent to tenants on housing benefit, according to a survey by the National Landlords Association (NLA), which we at The House Crowd think is a very worrying statistic.

We’ve known for a while that cuts to local housing allowance were happening. But with 53% of landlords now stating these cuts make it untenable to rent to those on benefits, and almost 69% saying they don’t expect to rent to local housing allowance tenants in the future, what position does this leave these vulnerable people in?

It is times like these when property investment strategies such as our crowdfunding model really come into their own. Not only are we stepping in as local housing allowance landlords, at a time when supply is increasingly limited but demand is high, we are also enabling would-be landlords the opportunity to be part of a property investment group, without the worry that issues such as these can present.

Whilst we know that our model is a great way for investors to make good potential returns in the property market, we are a company that – essentially – is concerned with the social good of our country. Alongside allowing a wider range of people to get a foot on the property ladder through the investment of whatever sum they have available, we are also committed to improving the state of the market for those seeking homes.

We work with SPVs who refurbish old properties to improve the standard of living for the next owner or tenant, and we make it easier for people seeking rental accommodation to find a home they feel comfortable in. By cutting out the banks and mortgage brokers, we are able to open the doors to more opportunities, both for investors and for those looking for a home in this environment of supply/demand catastrophe.

If you like the sound of a more democratised property market in the UK, then why not find out more about investing through property crowdfunding?

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