BBC DIY SOS – The House Crowd Gets Involved

BBC DIY SOS – The House Crowd Gets Involved

Those of you familiar with the BBC DIY SOS series will possibly be aware of the new episode that is coming soon featuring a few streets in Manchester that required their crack teams’ TLC.

What you may not realise is that the street is, in fact, one that THC have already waved their magic wand over in the past!

Canada Street Refurb

Canada Street is in a part of East Manchester to which we were attracted, for the quality houses which just required some refurbishment and would make excellent homes for families in the area.

Clearly, we were one step ahead of the crowd as Nick Knowles and the team, along with Princes William and Harry, started a two-week project to convert the street into homes for army veterans.

The project has really improved the area and the properties will become much-needed homes for the ex-servicemen and their families.

The House Crowd were also happy to get involved by sending some of our own builders to site to assist in this major refurbishment project.

The show will be aired on the BBC in England at 8pm 14th October 2015

You can see before and after pictures of Canada Street and the houses for HCP066 and HCP112 by searching back through our archives.

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Update: This article was written in 2015, when The House Crowd was already high on the radar of investors looking for a piece of the property market pie! Since then, we have continued to go from strength to strength, offering people from all walks of life the opportunity to get a leg up on the property ladder and invest in property in a way that would never have been open to them in the past. We are proud of all that we have achieved so far, and we are (not so) quietly confident that we will continue doing great things for investors, and the property market in general, for long into the future.

Ventnor Street,Manchester-before and after

Ventnor Street, Manchester  Ventnor Street Manchester

Hello and welcome to our very own version of the very popular TV series ‘buying run down houses & turning them into lovely homes’ with me, Jonathan, The House Crowd’s Marketing Manager.

Carolyn and I have just returned from Ventnor Street in Manchester where our film crew have been filming the results of our crack team of builders’ hard work on a traditional House Crowd property.

Luckily our Property Director Suhail saw beyond the collapsing ceilings and holes in the floors when he first surveyed the project and it’s clear now that the results really are a lovely family home that should please both the new residents and our investors!

The house is in a very popular part of Manchester that has undergone some serious regeneration work over the past few years so gems like this are hard to find, lucky for The House Crowd Suhail has a wealth of knowledge in this region and his contacts in the Manchester area keep us one step ahead of the competition.

Enjoy the video!


Dragon’s Den, 12th July 2015

Dragon’s Den, 12th July 2015

The House Crowd got to talk about one of the hottest sectors for investors – property crowdfunding – on the opening episode of the new series of Dragon’s Den. (broadcast Sunday 12th July).

FRAZER AND DRAGON 2When we were invited by the BBC to come on the new series of Dragon’s Den, we thought it was a great opportunity to explore another potential investment angle for the business as we had been talking to several VCs and our own investors about raising more money to fund expansion.

Despite the Dragons deciding not to invest, we’re excited to reveal that we have plenty of interest from potential investors and are confident we will raise the investment we are looking for within the next few weeks when we launch our share offer.

Maybe the Dragons were out this time, but many of our investors are most definitely in and reaping the rewards that the UK’s first and market leading property crowdfunding platform offers them.

* The House Crowd was the first property crowdfunding platform in the world (launched in April 2012)

* We have over 10,000 registered subscribers

* We have a proven track record and built a loyal customer base over the last three and a half years – 96 % would recommend us to friends and family

* We have exceeded our financial targets every year so far and have raised close to £14m

* We have grown at a rate of 149% between 2012 and 2013 and 211% between 2013 and 2014

* Global property crowdfunding reached $1billion in 2014 and is set to grow to $250 billion a year by 2020

To learn more download our Guide To Property Crowdfunding by filling in the Order Your Free Information Pack form at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in investing in the company itself, please note we can only accept investment from certain categories of certified investors. For further information, please email [email protected]

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Pensions vs. The House Crowd

According to recent reports in the press, annuity rates are at an all time low. In fact they are so low, you would have to live to 90 to get value for money. And low interest rates and rising life expectancy are pushing rates down even further.

The BBC reported that a man aged 65 living with £30,000 to invest in an annuity would receive £1,719 a year gross for their rest of his life. Put another way, after 17 and a half years the original will have been paid back, so if he had died before then he would have lost out financially.

Compare that with The House Crowd where you would get £2,250 for the rest of your life (with our income only product). That’s a whopping 30% more PLUS you still have your original £30,000 capital which can be accessed when you like or passed on to your heirs (unlike with an annuity which will stay with the insurance company).

And yet, amazingly, pension companies promote themselves as being low risk. I wholeheartedly agree with former Downing Street pensions adviser Ros Altmann who stated that pensioners are not properly warned about the risks involved in buying annuities. She added  ‘If you buy a financial product that can lose more than three quarters of your money, it would usually be considered “high risk” – and those selling it to you would surely have to give you a proper risk warning.’

‘Pensioners take ‘the biggest gamble’ of their lives when they buy an annuity to provide for their retirement. They would have to live until the age of 90 before their annuity became ‘good value’, warned Altmann.

Where we disagree with her is when she said:  ‘Most pensioners, have little option but to buy an annuity if they want a guaranteed income in retirement, will lose much of their nest egg if they die young, become ill or if inflation rises…’ We know people do have an option, but she clearly hasn’t heard about The House Crowd.