Property Investment made easy

Over the last year or so, crowdfunding has taken over the world and without sounding big headed, The House Crowd played a huge part in it with by introducing the world’s first property investment crowdfunding company. Crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways to climb the property ladder and invest your money in bricks and mortar. It’s not really a huge surprise when you think about it with the poor savings you get from the banks and tough lending criteria faced by people wanting to review investment capital.

Crowdfunding has helped to give investors the confidence and extra boost buying power needed to step onto the property ladder, as well as open the door to future opportunities to own a share in high yielding. Property investment crowdfunding has encouraged and influenced other crowdfunding platforms, so all in all, crowdfunding is a winner!

The House Crowd are FCA regulated (Financial Conduct Authority), which means your investment will be secure and we’re a property investment crowdfunding company that you can trust and rely on. We aim to keep our property investment portfolio updated, whilst offering our investors a diverse range of properties to invest in Greater Manchester. We do all grafting and the refurbishing to ensure the properties have high quality living standards, as well as adding extra value to them. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hold of the decorators or any tradesmen, because we do all of that.

So take a look at our latest crowdfunding property investment projects on our website today or download your free information pack for more information about how our crowdfunding company works.


A Super Bowl for the New England Patriots

The Super Bowl XLIX took place last night and lasted until about 3am GMT. We tried to watch as much of it as we could, but our eyes were hinting at us to go to bed. The Seattle Seahawks were on the cusp of winning the trophy for the second consecutive year running after Jermaine Kearse’s epic catch. Sadly, the New England Patriots swooped on in with a comeback and took the Super Bowl trophy for the fourth time. The final score for the Super Bowl XLIX ended with New England Patriots 28 – Seattle 24. Next year, we’ll try better to watch the full shebang.

It’s hard to stay up for the Super Bowl when you have to be up early the next day for work, and booking the following day off seems a bit much. Maybe when we’ve retired, we can stay up to watch it. Speaking of retiring, have you thought of ways to keep your retirement fund busy ready for the big day? Take property investment for example. It’s an alternative to a pension and another source for financial security, something we all want.

Recent statistics show that annuity levels have hit a low point and you’d have to live until 90 to get value for money and with life expectancy increasing, it’s pushing annuity rates down even further. Take this for example, a 65-year-old man with £30,000 to invest in an annuity would receive £1,719 a year for the rest of his days and after 17.5 years, the original investment sum (£30k) would be paid back, but if he died before he would have lost out financially. In other words, he would either make no money apart from the £30k he originally invested, or he’d lose his money. Now, if say he invested with The House Crowd through our crowdfunding property investment method, he would receive £2,250 per year for the rest of his life (no matter how long that is) with our 7.5% income only product. I know which property investment option we would choose.

That 30% more income is not only your property investment money coming back to you, but with a nice profit on the side. So with all that said, download our FREE online information pack over on our website today, have a read of case studies and register with The House Crowd for exclusive news and new property investment projects.

Rental market growing in strength

It looks like the rental market will be on higher demand than ever this year and will continue to rule the property market. I bet you can guess what this means? Property investment will be on the increase, meaning more annual returns.

Property investment in and around the London area had a 4% increase in UK buyers in 2014, with 70% of sales coming from buy-to-let sales. The rental market will always remain the stronger market, unless the cost of buying a house dramatically drops, or mortgage lenders make it easier and more accessible for buyers to own a house. Sadly, we can’t see the latter happening anytime soon! So who makes up the rental market?

  • Students. The UK is full of enthusiastic students wanting to move away from home to live in a house with their fellow Uni friends. Where there’s a university, there are thousands of students all looking for a place to rent.
  • Young couples. As new romance blossoms into the next stage of their relationship, couples are more likely to rent together rather than buying a property. It’s a sensible decision. They need to trial out living together and discover whether they can cope with their other half’s bad habits long term. This will determine the next stage of their relationship which is buying a house, and, for first time buyers, it’s more difficult.
  • Families. The cost of buying a house isn’t cheap and, although paying a monthly mortgage can often be cheaper than paying the rent each month, it’s getting the deposit together that’s the real struggle in addition to passing all the checks.

These are just a few of the rental groups.

We can’t see the property investment market fading out anytime soon, as people are always looking to rent a property, whether it’s for 12 months or for 12 years. This is why you should strike whilst the iron is hot and, with The House Crowd, property investment couldn’t be easier!

Back to the Future

Now that we’re in 2015, we’re waiting for the Back to the Future Part II’s predictions to come into play and when we say some, we’re referring to flying cars and futuristic hoverboards. Imagine how much easier it would be to get to work? You could avoid the dreaded traffic jams during rush hour and rest your little legs if you have to walk to work. Property crowdfunding wasn’t in the mix, but we thought of that one and we bet Doc Brown and Marty McFly are kicking themselves!

Doc Brown and Marty McFly did however get a few predictions right and they are things that we probably can’t live without today including video calling, tablet computers, microwavable meals and having a connected home – wireless internet. Well we probably could, but psychology, we can’t. We live in a world where we rely heavily on the online world, which isn’t a bad thing; we just need to remember that there is a whole world out there that is filled with opportunities, including property crowdfunding.

The House Crowd have revolutionised how us folk involve ourselves with property investments and we’ve made it easier for people to climb the property ladder, and more importantly, given everyone the opportunity to invest via property crowdfunding. We have a free information pack available online, which you can download. It will have all the information you need to understand how property crowdfunding works. You can also register online and stay up to date with all of the latest news from The House Crowd, and be the first to know about our latest property investments.


A rise in Silver Landlords

The number of “Silver Landlords” investing in housing properties is increasing by the day and The House Crowd has also witnessed a growth in older adults registering with our crowdfunding property investments projects.

Recent research from Direct Line for Business has indicated that 32% of adults aged 45 to 64 would consider using a proportion of their pension pot, if not the whole lot, to invest in a buy-to-let property across the UK. This is due to those looking to retire and pensioners having more access to their pension pot, resulting in more control of their money.

The property investments market is growing in popularity and with property prices and rent costs rising; it’s understandable why people are looking to invest their money in this area to receive high returns. It aids in providing regular income and capital appreciation, therefore, setting up a net for the future. Survey results also highlighted that;

  • 45% of silver landlords would consider property investments for regular income,
  • 23% would see it as a security of investment,
  • 17% would accept capital appreciation,
  • 9% would leave it as inheritance for their loved ones.

From April 2015, more access will be made available for pensioners and those looking to retire.

So if you are looking to join the silver landlords or you’re looking for ways to spend your pension money in the future, then considering property investments with The House Crowd is a wise decision to make.

Will you be adding to your property investments portfolio in 2015?

Property Wire has uncovered some interesting information regarding property investments. Research showed that 52% of HMO landlords propose on adding to their portfolios in 2015, this is in comparison to 23% landlords involved with property investments. This is because of the increase in interest rates next year, which becomes an issue when you are pushing for income on your property portfolio.

As it stands, the majority of the property investments have a gross field of below 7% attached to it. However, with the increase in house prices putting its brakes on, it’s caused capital growth to become unpredictable and unreliable. It’s natural that different housing locations will offer a higher growth rate due to things such as transport links and employment opportunities. Fortunately for you, The House Crowd operates mainly in Manchester and other major cities, so you can expect a healthy annual gross return.

The increase in interest rates will show a significant decrease in their margins after buy-to-let investors have enjoying low interest rates.

It will be interesting to see what 2015 brings to the world of property investments and although you might not be able to rely on interest rates, you can rely on The House Crowd.